Re: hotlist: now with edit

> I think we should leave users the choice and allow button hotkeys
> duplication (hotlist hotkeys shoud take precedence). If one doesn't
> want to have his button hotkey obscured - he will choose another
> hotkey for his entry.

Hotkeys that are displayed but do not work are a usability error. 
We must not make users wonder "why the highlighted letters stopped 
working." So for now I removed all button hotkeys in my patch - 
please try it out.

> 2. Do we need to check for duplicate hotkeys in one group?

> As Pavel said there are duplicates even in the menu. We should leave
> the decision to user and the first entry should take precedence. This
> will be convinient with the rest of mc.

I think duplicate hotkeys are an error, both in menu and in a list. 
The second one does not work and this can be very confusing. So I 
don't think we must be "consistent" in perpetuating such errors. Let 
someone else fix the menu; I will make sure no such problems occur 
in the hotlist.

> I would prefer standard approach like:
> "My &favourite directory"
> where 'f' will be a hotkey.

As was discussed here some time ago, this would not allow you to use 
letters that are not in the label, which is inconvenient. And anyway, 
I don't know if it's possible to highlight arbitrary chars in a list, 
so I cannot implement your suggestion now. Also, I think it's much 
easier to use when all hotkeys are in a column.

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