Re: ftps status


> i just wanna ask one question - when will be FTPS corrected? is it too
> hard to make working ftp symlinks and normal reconnect after timeout?
not hard at all, but mc's ftpfs has much more problems... :(
it's broken to hell, nowdays i'm testing 4.6.0pre3 and in 80% of cases
it lost connection, hangup (yes, killall mc...), sig11 or just shown
broken filename/links...

> i know that there is patched mc exists
> ( which
yes that's my code :)
btw there is A12pre too...

> has right ftps that work just fine
i'll fix (or maybe rewrite, it seems easier...) ftpfs of mc 4.6 code soon.

> (and also has corrected "The shell is already running a command" bug)
i've already ported it (and many other features/fixes from -Axx tree)
to 4.6.0pre3+ (CVS), already posted 2 patch-set to this list a week ago,
but still no answer by maintainer(s) :(
(yes i know it's freezee now, i didn't expect it in 4.6.0, but you should
comment if it's good that way or you never will accept those changes, so
i can either change my patch style or fork or whatever... i think it will
be fork again, since i can't wait forever, i want those issues fixed and
continue porting stuff and fixing those annoying ftpfs/fishfs/extfs bugs)

> but it's 4.1 branch - very old and without large file support ;(
i've fixed largefiles already in my 4.1-Axx tree, when 4.5.x didn't even
support it...

> I'm waiting in about 4 years for normal ftps in MC...
I waited a lot (1 years?) then i've fixed... it was the main reason of
making the -Axx series.

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