Re: Spanish stuff

Hello, David!

> Translations updated, some help sections rewritten and tons of "aspell
> fixes".

Thanks, applied.

> A couple of .PP changes in the English help file.

Applied.  I also added periods at the end of the labels that are not
separated from the paragraph, and removes periods for the separate labels.
I'm going to do more changes to make the look more consistent.

> I tried to place real quotes (\") inside an .IR or .IB line and I
> couldn't. Anyway, I think they were disappearing even for groff in the
> .I previous version.

I think it's better to use such macros sparsely, only when required.  
There is no support for escaped quotes in man2hlp (as far as I know).  
Could you please show me what you are trying to do?

> About the internal viewer help piece, I can't see the relation between
> "string sequences", "bold and underline" and "special colors". Is it
> something like ANSI/terminal escape sequences?? (F9, format/unformatted)

It's used to highlight manpages in the viewer.  The viewer works like a 
primitive matrix printer and interprets backspace in this way:

character backspace character = bold
underscore backspace character = italic

Open mc.1 in the viewer and press F9.

Pavel Roskin

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