Keyboard configurability

I've been using Midnight Commander for over 3 years now. Although I
find it a very useful file manager, it suffers (at least in my opinion)
from one major issue. Yes, you've figured it out. Keyboard

Take slrn, mutt or John's editor ( for
example. The last is a highly configurable editor mainly due to the heavy
use of the S-Lang library.

Wouldn't it be better to (leave it up to the user to) assign terminal
strings to particular Midnight Commander's actions, and take out the
ioctl mess from MC'c code? In my opinion, this would be much clearer,
portable and configurable solution. We may also call it a Slang
Commander ;)

I'm not too sure what (if any) development is being planned on this
front, but it would be a *very* useful extension. I'm sick of adding
another hacks to MC's to suit my needs.

Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to start a new project (or
contribute) at the moment. However, things should soon hopefully calm

Thanks in advance for any comments/thoughts.


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