Re: Internal viewer troubles.

I don't know the developers of gnome-terminal, but you risk to be
ridiculed in the best case if you don't do a real analysis. If you are
going to mock someone, you can be blacklisted. That applies to this list
as well, by the way.

You're right. It was more of a rhetorical question than anything, and this is not the group for talk about gnome-terminal past some basic interface things. (and there's a good chance that if I got the freshest source available, the problems with my version would be fixed already). But there's no other way to find out than to try. Of course I'm going to have to spend a considerable amount of time analyzing the source code before I can say anything about it, and maybe I'll just end up devising my own "hack" to do what I want, but more likely I'll find new things about linux and what makes it tick.

I'm trying to do what I can to bring the bits and pieces of this great operating system together a little more. I'm trying to find something I _CAN_ do, and apparently I'm not at all alone, from the look of these mailing lists and newsgroups. Some people LOVE this os. I subscribed to the mandrake-cooker list: 1700 postings in 2 or 3 days! Wow. That's almost as bad as comp.os.linux.advocacy :) Too noisy for me.

I can imagine how annoying it is as a developer to keep answering the same dumb questions over and over again, but how else can a person find out those obscure and arcane details that are hard to find at best.

As far as mocking, I'm talking about people who complain about linux in general, pointing out small faults, unwilling to do anything about it, certainly not people on developer mailing lists.

If you want to mock me, though, I'll post my panel-mousewheel-scroll.patch, and you can have some fun with it. It's probably a candidate for Ugly Hack Of The Week Award :) It's not that bad, just a few lines in screen.c:panel_event(), one extra local int to control a speedy mousewheel like mine (combine it with my xterm-btn2-doubleclick.patch and I can lean back in my chair and surf!). You'd hate it because it introduces ANOTHER option possibility that would need to be documented :) Keep up the good work. It's a great app in spite of cut-n-paste hacksters like me :) I'm glad somebody around here knows what they're doing...


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