Re: Just got mc-4.6.0-pre1

Hello, Miven!

> This was my old command for 4.5.55:
> ./configure --with-tm-x-support --with-vfs --with-samba \

That's all "with"

> --with-termnet=no


> --with-sunos-curses=no --with-osf1-curses=no \
> --with-vcurses=no


> --with-terminfo


> --with-subshell --with-slang \

That's "with".

> --with-ncurses=no

Partly fixed, radical rewrite pending.

> --with-edit


> --with-netrc=no \

Fixed and made default, option removed.

> --with-ext2undel=no

Some people may still need it.  I remember using it myself.

> --with-gpm-mouse


> --with-gnome=no

Annihilated :-)

> And this is my current one:
> ./configure --with-tm-x-support --with-vfs --with-terminfo \
> --with-subshell --with-slang --with-edit --with-gpm-mouse

Option --with-terminfo is dead.  Everything else is default except
--with-tm-x-support, and you can now see the default values in the output
of "configure --help".

> You brought up the terminfo/termcap issue, which has puzzled me for
> quite a while.  A while back I was under the impression that termcap was
> slowly being phased out in favor of the terminfo directory, and frankly
> I've never even tried compiling with termcap.  Although, now I see that
> I have a 705k termcap in /etc, I'll try it out...

That's very interesting.  You seem to be under impression that termcap is
not being phased out.  Your original understanding was correct, but what
was the reason to doubt it?

Again, it's a very important question.  I'm trying to make the
documentation as clear as possible for the users of year 2002, not for the
hackers of year 1995.  Your answer can really help.

Pavel Roskin

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