Re: Just got mc-4.6.0-pre1

Pavel Roskin wrote:

Hello, Miven!

When I first got the pre1 source, I used a ./configure command from
4.5.55 that had -with-<package>=no on some things because it used to
compile a bunch of stuff in that I didn't want, so I manually unset

That's very interesting. What are those things? Could you please post the complete command line? It's much more important than your Duron750.

I'm sorry for being so persistent, but the answer is very important for me. I'm considering dropping some rarely used features, and your vote counts.

One more time, what is the "bunch of stuff in that you didn't want"?
Thank you in advance for your reply.

Yeah, sorry, I forgot that you asked me that.
This was my old command for 4.5.55:
./configure --with-tm-x-support --with-vfs --with-samba \
--with-termnet=no --with-sunos-curses=no --with-osf1-curses=no \
--with-vcurses=no --with-terminfo --with-subshell --with-slang \
--with-ncurses=no --with-edit --with-netrc=no \
--with-ext2undel=no --with-gpm-mouse --with-gnome=no

And this is my current one:
./configure --with-tm-x-support --with-vfs --with-terminfo \
--with-subshell --with-slang --with-edit --with-gpm-mouse

You brought up the terminfo/termcap issue, which has puzzled
me for quite a while.  A while back I was under the impression
that termcap was slowly being phased out in favor of the
terminfo directory, and frankly I've never even tried compiling
with termcap.  Although, now I see that I have a 705k
termcap in /etc, I'll try it out...


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