Re: Syntax file for M4/Autoconf - 2

Vlad Romanenko wrote:
Hello, Pavel!

This looks very annoying.  Too bright.

Oh, I'm really sorry! I just forgot to switch to default color scheme.

You know, the reason I started working on MC syntax files was I didn't'
like its default colors. I prefer colors from pascal.syntax (I use
console, not a terminal). So I modified c.syntax. I tried different
colors to get the best color scheme for me and it wasn't easy since I
had to replace multiply entries for same logical value (for example
string, c-keyword, etc). So I turn syntax file to an M4 source, added
macros like C_STRING_COLOR and put it everywhere. This way I separated
color values from syntax rules. Then I put color values into separate
file (I call it scheme) and include either colors.default.m4 or
colors.bright.m4 when necessary.
Now I have 13 syntax files being preprocessed and shared 2 color schemes
for all syntax files.

So changing colors is easy.  :)

It will be fine to implement "define" directive and color changing will be even more easy. Colors can be described in the "syntax.colors" file and everybody will has posibility to satisfy own needs.

Andrew V. Samoilov

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