Syntax file for M4/Autoconf - 2

Hello, Pavel!

> This looks very annoying.  Too bright.
Oh, I'm really sorry! I just forgot to switch to default color scheme.

You know, the reason I started working on MC syntax files was I didn't'
like its default colors. I prefer colors from pascal.syntax (I use
console, not a terminal). So I modified c.syntax. I tried different
colors to get the best color scheme for me and it wasn't easy since I
had to replace multiply entries for same logical value (for example
string, c-keyword, etc). So I turn syntax file to an M4 source, added
macros like C_STRING_COLOR and put it everywhere. This way I separated
color values from syntax rules. Then I put color values into separate
file (I call it scheme) and include either colors.default.m4 or
colors.bright.m4 when necessary.
Now I have 13 syntax files being preprocessed and shared 2 color schemes
for all syntax files.

So changing colors is easy.  :)
You know, default colors for m4 now looks pretty, I even liked them
although I usually prefer bright cvolors.

New m4.syntax is attached.

Put these lines in Syntax:
file (..\*\\.m4$| M4\sMacroprocessor\sSource
include m4.syntax
And add a line to syntax/

Vlad Romanenko.

Attachment: m4.syntax
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