Re: mc-4.5.55 and -lintl missing

On Thu, 12 Sep 2002, Pavel Roskin wrote:

> Hello, Martin!
> Let's move the discussion to the mailing list.  If you reply to any of my
> messages, please copy your reply to mc-devel gnu org   Some explanation
> why it's better to use mailing lists can be found in this document:

Hi Pavel,
  I'm sorry for the spam. Actually I originally was almost sure the
problem with -lintl necessary to link mc from mc-4.5.55 was know, so I
searched the mc list archives for the problem with gettext unresolved. But
there were quite old messages regarding this, but it kicked me in the
right way to look for -lintl. Actually one of them was from you, that's
were I got your address. As I could not find any newer version of mc than
mc-4.5.55, I send an email to you. Yes, after even more attempts I found
it. So, that's how it happened.

> > > I should have tried this before. The -lintl problem seems to be fixed in
> > > mc-4.6.0-pre1. But, tests of mc-4.6.0-pre1 show:
> > >
> > > ./configure --prefix=/software/@sys/usr --with-subshell --with-netrc
> > > --with-edit --with-ncurses=/software/@sys/usr --with-vfs --with-mcfs
> > > --with-samba --with-termnet
> Many people who report problem try to specify so many options.  Is it
> unclear that VFS and subshell are default?  Then we should improve the
> documentation or the output of "configure --help".  Where did you look?

Yes, configure --help.

> > Hmm, configure should check if termnet is available at all:
> I removed termnet support a few days ago because it was unmaintained and
> such problems remained unfixed for years.

Yes, I actually have no clue what's termnet and for what will I need it.
:( maybe configure would issue a warning that user asked for something
what's obsolete or suspicious to require. ;)

> Do you really need termnet support?  Please explain.  What version were
> you planning to use?

I don't mind if mc-4.6.0-pre1 or 4.5.55. Anything what will work.

Thanks for reply.
Martin Mokrejs <mmokrejs natur cuni cz>, <m mokrejs gsf de>
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