Re: hardcoded /tmp instead of TMPDIR


> BTW, it would be nice if mc created temporary files in $TMPDIR/mc-username
> instead of $HOME/.mc/tmp (the ones with directory names inside as I
> understand). For example, I have in /tmp:
> ksocket-nerijus/
> mcop-nerijus/
> orbit-nerijus/
> orbit-root/

Thanks for the suggestion!  I have committed a patch that introduces a new
function, mc_tmpdir(), that creates such directory.  The actual transition
to using it everywhere will require more patches.

$HOME/.mc/tmp is only used in the shell script, as far as I can tell.  The 
binary uses $TMPDIR.

> I'd like it because there are lots of mc-1685 type files in ~/.mc/tmp
> (when ssh connection with mc active terminates for example), and these
> files are not automatically cleaned.

Clean up is still not implemented, and I'm not sure how to do it safely 
without risk of interfering with other processes, especially when 
networked filesystems are used.

But it's just the files from ~/.mc/tmp that bother you, you probably could 
unset the "mc" function in the shell.

Pavel Roskin

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