Re: [BUG] running mc "over" running one

> Hmm, I can reproduce it every time
> with xterm 167 (or even konsole from 3.0.3-13) and mc-4.5.55-12 (also
> with mc-4.6.0-pre1).

Please send the output of "mc -V" and the exact steps.  That's what I do,
trying to follow your instructions:

1) Run xterm
2) Run mc in it
3) Press Ctrl-O
4) Run mc from the command line
5) Press F1.  The help shows up.  Nothing is frozen.

The known problems with running one mc from another are:

1) Only the first mc gets Ctrl-O.  That's obvious and won't be fixed.

2) The second mc won't redraw itself when switching to it.  The reason is
fundamental - there are just two screen buffers in xterm, and mc uses
both.  The second mc keeps the panels in the buffer that the first mc
doesn't restore.  The fix is to integrate terminal into mc rather than
reuse saving capabilities of the host terminal, but it's hard and not
going to happen any time soon.

3) The second mc stops recognizing cursor arrows.  This may be a simple
bug that needs to be fixed.

Pavel Roskin

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