Circular referencing macro segfault


  There is a macro circular referencing bug in mcedit from version 4.5.55, 4.6.0pre1 and the current snapshot I am using(mc-2002-10-08-21 from ibiblio) and possibly other versions.  I have seen no data corruption occur, and the "fix" so far has been to think a little more carefully while assigning macro keys :)

  An example to replicate the segfault:
  C-r C-a C-r-a		# Setup a macro on 'a' calling the macro (defined or not) on 'a'
to set everything up, then simply: 
to see the segfault.

  I have tested it with the versions noted above, and also I have tested on different machines with different configurations.  A back trace has been left out because this is not an intermittent error.

  It will still occur if the loop is bigger, ie. macro a->b->c->a (this was the situation when it showed up).  Sometimes it requires reset(1) afterwards, other times it doesn't.


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