Re: Blocks in GNOME


> I real enjoy using your program. It is very intuitive to use and now it's my
> best friend in writing html and c code. But I have small problem, maybe it is
> just because of old version. In text console it's everythig ok and properly
> working. Im using RH7.2 and GNOME and sawfish window manager. The problems
> starts when I resize the terminal window, where is mc running. When I want to
> edit some file, there is offten left some text from the standard mc, and it is
> not possible to edit the text where this is shown in irregular way. 

Please always report the version of software for which you report the
problem.  Don't assume that everybody knows what version of MC is included
with RH 7.2 or with the unspecified version of GNOME you are running.

Use "mc -V" - it will display the version and other useful information.  
Please consider upgrading to the latest stable version 4.5.55 or you would
waste your time reporting bugs that were fixed long ago.

Also please try to explain how to reproduce the problem step-by-step.  
Don't worry if it doesn't cover all problems you see, but if nobody can
reproduce your problem then nobody will be able to fix it.

> Anotherone is that it is not possible select the blocks with Shift-Uparrow or
> Shift-DownArrow. In text console this is working properly. Afterwords it doesnt
> work to save the selected block into temp.file with Ctrl-Ins and then copy it
> in other file with Shift-Ins. By selecting the block with F3 it is not possible
> also in the text console but this is not important, while Shift-arrows is
> working. So all problems are in Xwin when mc is runnig in terminal window. I
> dont know if the problems are because of my configuration, there is still
> something to do in development. 

I don't understand about F3 - it works for me.  Shift-Arrows don't work in
anything but Linux console because there are no standard sequences for
those key combinations, and "learning" those sequences is not implemented.  
Linux console allows direct access to the keyboard state, that's why it

You can recompile mc and give "--with-tm-x-support" argument to
"configure".  This would enable direct keyboard access under X and you can
make Shift-Arrows work under X if you teach MC additional escape sequences
(it's non-trivial, so ask in the list if you come to this point).  This
would also make MC depend on X11 libraries - you won't be able to run MC
without them.  This hack is by no means finished and it seems that its
author lost interest to doing it the right way long ago.

Pavel Roskin

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