Possible mistake, but maybe not...

I'm newbie at this list, and I've seen at archive, but doesn't find any answer
for my problem.

The problem is below:
1) I have any archive, eg. zip archive, archive contains one file: a.zip
contains a.txt
2) When I explore this a.zip in MC, I see a file a.txt in panel
3) I'm looking at this a.txt with F3, I see anything.
4) At the same moment, in $TMP we have uncompressed a.txt with various name,
like ext???????
5) Now, the archive include CHANGED a.txt, but name of archive is still
6) I'm explore a.zip, see a.txt
7) Looking at a.txt, see *previous* version of file, readed from
8) But file was changed! I want to see actual version of file, nor unpacked
previously to $TMP!
9) Also, when I delete a file from $TMP, and wants to see a.txt in archive, I
see beautiful "input/output error", because in $TMP we haven't a ext??????
10) After restart MC, everythink is ok.

So, why MC (or something in it) don't read actual version of archive? It may
change, and I'm in trouble thinking that view of file is correct.

Greetingz from Poland,
Registered Linux User #206046

PS. I'm sorry for this ugly english, it isn't my native language... I hope you
understand me... Any polish developer may contact me in polish language :-)

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