Reget on file copying misreports progress

As in the subject. Let's:

1. Create /tmp/a with size of 200 MB (e.g. dd if=/dev/zero).
2. Create /tmp/b, 180 MB.
3. Copy (F5) /tmp/a => /tmp/b.
4. File exists, let's choose "Reget".

Now the progress bar runs from 0% to 20%, then the copying ends. It
seems that the progress is determined by dividing the amount of data
transferred by the file size, which doesn't work properly when

The algorithm should be changed in either of two ways:

- data_transferred/(a_size-b_size), which gives progress between 0%-100%

- (b_size+data_transferred)/a_size, which gives progress between

I'm not sure which one is better.

According to FAQ #9.3 I'm mentioning I'm not on the mailing list :)

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