Re: Web editing with mc

Hi, David!

> Hmm! Maybe it needs some rewriting but HTML is getting quite complex. MC
> should do a minimal highlighting just to help a bit. Style blocks in
> HTML files may be highligted but there were problems with contexts
> within other contexts.

MC now does a _minimal_ highlighting.  Enjoy.

You are right, contexts cannot be nested.  Also keywords at the end of the 
context extend the context, so there is no way to highlight ">" in closing 

> Hmm!? Explain "maybe". Does is mean "Don't bother any more", "ASAP", "I
> have to think about it", "I'm too busy and it's been queued"? No
> complains. Just kidding a bit :)

I mean, I don't apply any patches without testing.  I was too busy to test 
"tidy" yesterday.

Pavel Roskin

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