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--- On Wed 07/31, Pavel Roskin < proski gnu org > wrote:
> It's currently the largest syntax file by a wide margin. I don't think
> MC
> should distinguish valid and invalid tags - there are too many of them,
> not to mention the attributes. There are validators that do their job.
> MC is not an HTML validator. In particular, uppercase tags are perfectly
> OK in HTML 3.2.

100% OK. Lowercase tags are perfectly OK in HTML 3.2, but the newer XHTML 1.0 requires lowercase. I think people tend to use lowercase so that's why I proposed to "tr-anslate" the syntax file.

> I believe that mc should highlight only syntax, not names, unless the
> later are some very common keywords. I think the whole html.syntax
> should
> be rewritten and simplified. By the way, maybe we should hightlight
> "<"
> and ">" with a separate color in the opening and closing
> tags
> respectively?

Hmm! Maybe it needs some rewriting but HTML is getting quite complex. MC should do a minimal highlighting just to help a bit. Style blocks in HTML files may be highligted but there were problems with contexts within other contexts.

I wouldn't mind spending some time this summer on this. I did the .po syntax file but now I may need some recycling.

> > It would be nice to have this as a standard filter in the editor
> > (edit.indent.rc), sort of:
> >
> > htm|html|HTM|HTML)
> > #
> > tidy -m -ascii -wrap 80 -f "tidy-$1.log"
> "$2"
> > ;;
> Maybe.

Hmm!? Explain "maybe". Does is mean "Don't bother any more", "ASAP", "I have to think about it", "I'm too busy and it's been queued"?
No complains. Just kidding a bit :)

> > Standard error is sent to a log file as it may give some useful
> > information on the changes done. That's the best choice I got
> yesterday.
> >
> > 3) About edit.indent.rc. It seems that if any error message is
> received
> > changes are ignored and the message goes to the editing block.
> Wouldn't
> > it be better to keep the warning/error in the console before the
> "Press
> > key" message and maybe have a flag to be used as the error value
> of the
> > script and to tell mcedit if the buffer ($2) can be used?
> Maybe it would be better, but the number of dirty hacks in mc is
> absolutely incredible, and the number of people fixing them is very small.
> I have to choose what to fix first.
> > 4) Viewers: What about trying "links" before
> "lynx"?
> Rearranging associations for html files is one of my high priority tasks
> before the release. Yes, links will be first if DISPLAY is unset, unless
> I find any problems with it.
> --
> Regards,
> Pavel Roskin

*8-) David

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