Re[2]: [PATCH] copy_file_file: Use binary mode when opening the source/destination file

Hey, Alexander! :)

AV> It looks like we will end up adding O_BINARY flag to all mc_open calls (I
AV> did the same change for editor).
AV> Maybe it is a good idea to write  mc_open as a wraper function (now it is
AV> macro) , and in this function always set O_BINARY, something like this:
AV> int mc_open(char * filename, int flags)
AV> {
AV>     return open(filename, flags | O_BINARY);
AV> }

I thought about this but there may be code in mc which doesn't need
this flag. I though that evaluating every single mc_open call and its
purpose is the best way to decide which calls should have the O_BINARY
flag set. After all there are not so much mc_open calls. I started
looking at them but have not finished yet.

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