2002-06-20 changes in dir.c

Hey, there! :)

I found the following Changelog entry while I was investigating why I
get a invalid date for a parent directory:

2002-06-20  Pavel Roskin  <proski gnu org>

    * dir.c (handle_dirent): Don't process ".." entries.
    (handle_path): Likewise.
    From Andrew V. Samoilov <kai cmail ru>

I found a partial discussion in June that this would cause some kind
of speedup. However I couldn't find the whole thread in the archives
and the information there is not enough so I have to ask - how does
this change cause a VFS speedup ? It seems the speedup will occur
at some point after do_load_dir () is called i.e. when printing every
single file entry. Then why do we have to skip the ".." in
handle_dirent ? Skipping ".." in handle_direntry causes an invalid file_entry
structure to be inserted later by add_dotdot_to_list () i.e. mtime,
atime, permission, etc are not valid. If add_dotdot_to_list () puts
some special information in the file_entry structure for the ".." is
it posible just to set this piece of information along with the
information returned by mc_readdir() for the parent directory ?

Thanks! :)

Pavel Tsekov

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