Re: ftp works mcftp noway

Hi, Rene!

> I have a problem, I want to make a homepage on the server of my ISP. I
> had to do it with "normal" ftp because mcftp won't let me. I have the
> latist CVS version

I appreciate it.  This bug seems to be very recent.

> When you look at the subdir WWW (see the log) it is empty!
> But there ARE 2 subdirs 1 is called maatjes.
> see ""
> Please help, thanks.

The log shows that mc thinks that it's in the root directory on the ftp
server, but in fact it is not.

I can reproduce this problem with wu-ftpd 2.6.1 on RedHat 7.2 in the 
default configuration when logging is as a ordinary user.

Debugging shows that the result of ftpfs_get_current_directory() in 
vfs/ftpfs.c is assigned to SUP.home, but SUP.home is never used after 

It's clearly a bug and will be fixed.  The workaround for now is to use 
the full path, i.e. you should enter this in the "FTP Link" query:

Pavel Roskin

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