Re: "Pause after run" && Scripts

Hi, David!

On Mon, 15 Jul 2002, David Martin wrote:

>  It seems to be something about subshell changes. I've noticed this from
> last snapshot (about one week old).

We both were wrong.  It's not about subshell changes.  It's a result of
the fact that the file associations (bindings) are now handled before
executables, as requested by Abc Xyz <abc anchorageinternet org> in
mc devel org 

There was an rule for executable files in mc.ext.  Those rules are not
affected by the "pause after run" option, and that was fine in the past,
when all executable files were executed internally.

After moving the binding check before the internal execution, the rule
became applicable to all files recognized by the "file" command as
executables of some kind (binaries or scripts).  Files with the double
hash were not recognized as executables, so they were executed internally.

I'm removing the rule for executable files from mc.ext.  It always was a 
bad idea to rely on the "file" command to check which files are 

Thank you for your bug report.

Pavel Roskin

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