Re: .netrc patch breaks fish, possibly mcfs and smbfs

Hi, Thomas!

> 2. Add a new parameter to be passed to vfs_split_url(), with the same
>    meaning as above.

Such parameter already exists.  It's called "flags".  URL_DEFAULTANON is 
only set by ftpfs.  Either the meaning of URL_DEFAULTANON should be 
changed, or it should be redefined and possibly renamed.

A lot of problems with the mc code exist because new code was added 
instead of making the existing code work.

The simplest fix would be then (plus the necessary comment changes):

--- utilvfs.c
+++ utilvfs.c
@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@
     char *pend  = pcopy + strlen (pcopy);
     int default_is_anon = flags & URL_DEFAULTANON;
     /* get user from ~/.netrc if we're supposed to */
-    int default_is_netrc = use_netrc;
+    int default_is_netrc = use_netrc & default_is_anon;
     if (pass)
 	*pass = NULL;

I think that vfs_split_url() needs simplification, and should not deal
with netrc, but instead should return NULL as username if the caller
promises to handle it.

Alternatively, .netrc should be looked up in vfs_split_url().  This would
have a positive side effect, since most users are likely to use the same
username for different services, including ssh.  .netrc is not just for
ftp.  It is also used e.g. by fetchmail.

Pavel Roskin

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