Re: Differentiate Open

Hi, Michal!

> In the current mc.ext you could often find something like this:
>   Open=if [ "$DISPLAY" = "" ]; then dvisvga %f; else (xdvi %f &); fi
> It's long and hungus.

It also doesn't work on remote VFS (such as fish, ftpfs) under X.  Also 
xdvi will exit when MC terminates.

> Thus I propose to split Open into two parts:
>   Open=dvisvga %f
>   XOpen=xdvi %f
> Advantages:
> - shorter and cleaner notation
> - backward compatible
> - faster execution
> - patch is small

- mc will be able (hopefully) to set up a separate process group in the
child and do whatever else is needed to prevent X programs from exiting
when mc exits.

Very good idea.  Thank you.  I think XView and XEdit would be useful too.  
I'm a bit hesitant about applying it now, but if it fixes (well, works 
around) the problem with the second %f not being expanded by VFS and 
doesn't introduce any new bugs, it will be applied.

Pavel Roskin

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