.netrc patch breaks fish, possibly mcfs and smbfs

Hi, Thomas!

I've just found a regression in the current version of MC.  Fish doesn't
work anymore unless the user is specified explicitly.  If I don't specify
the user, mc tries to login as user "*netrc*" over ssh.

For example, if you can set up you system so that "ssh localhost" doesn't
ask your password, and you enter "cd /#sh:localhost" on the command line,
you get the following message in the status bar:

fish: Waiting for initial line   *netrc* localhost's password:

Indeed, vfs_split_url() is called not only by ftpfs, but also by fish,
mcfs and smbfs.  But only ftpfs knows how to handle "*netrc*".

Thomas, do you have any ideas how to fix it?  I'll be busy the rest of
this week, but I'll apply your fix if you post it.

To others: this example demonstrates why I don't want to apply non-trivial
patches introducing new features at this stage.  The patch was published,
and nobody said that it's broken.  I spent a lot of time today testing the
patch before committing it.  I read every line of the patch.  Yet I missed
the bug and only found it because it introduced a major breakage in the
code I use often (fish).  If only smbfs was affected, perhaps this bug
would not be found before the next release.

And now consider the fact that the .netrc patch was fixing the
functionality that was already in the code.  Any entirely new code would
be even riskier to apply.

I'm not against new features, but the MC code is very easy to break, and
very few people are fixing bugs or preventing them.  Broken .netrc was
sitting in the code for years.  I don't want any new bugs that would
remain unfixed for so long.

Pavel Roskin

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