Re: Things to do before 4.6.0

Hi, Thomas!

> Which reminds me: is there any basic problem with my .netrc patch that I'm
> probably not aware of (except, maybe, that it isn't exactly a showcase of
> extreme elegance in C programming :-)? Is this one of the new features that
> will be held back until 4.6.0 has been released, or one of those waiting in
> the queue to be reviewed? Or am I really the only one who is using mc *and*
> actually finds ~/.netrc useful? Just curious ...

I've applied your patch with some changes.  Now .netrc support is always
compliled in for simplicity.  It is enabled by default and can be disabled
at run time.  Having a compile time option to save just one function is
not worth it.

Variable use_netrc is now declared in one file instead of three, as it was
after applying your patch.

> Coming to think of it, I'd probably be better off just using ":netrc:" and
> stop worrying (provided that this doesn't break parsing URLs that contain
> user name & password ["ftp://user:password host/dir/"], I'd have to look
> into that first), but still: what about non-Unix/non-POSIX systems - should
> I care?

I think "*netrc*" is fine and safer than ":netrc:" exactly because of the 

Pavel Roskin

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