Re: Things to do before 4.6.0

Hi, Oskar and Pavel!
> > > 4) Compressed tarballs produced by "tar cz" with older versions of GNU tar
> > > (i.e. those with padding at the end) cannot be opened by pressing Enter
> > > ("doesn't look like a tar archive")
> > 
> > Can someone provide an example tarball?
> Attached (test.tgz)

This problem is in vfs/sfs.c/vfmake().
Now it calls my_system and returns -1 if
return code of my_system is not 0.

Well, gzip returns 2 for this test.tgz:

test.tgz: decompression OK, trailing garbage ignored

and vfmake returns -1 (error), and then sfs.c/redirect()
return "/I_MUST_NOT_EXIST" and so sfs_open fails.

The same thing is happen if .tgz is not downloaded fully.
As for me vfmake should read stderr and return this string
to higher lever, and so user can decide what to do with this

Andrew V. Samoilov.

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