Translated mc manual pages may be converted to mc.hlp format


I worked out a set of patches and now translated mc manual pages can be converted
to mc.hlp format.

Working example for Russian language can be downloaded as

There are doc/ru/, binary doc/ru/xnc.hlp and 3 patches for src/man2hlp.c


* doc/ru: New directory for Russian translations.
* doc/ru/ New Russian translation of mc (1) manual page.
* doc/ru/xnc.xlp: Translated lib/xnc.hlp.

* man2hlp.c (main): Don't crash if man2hlp without parameters called.
(handle_command): New .\"NODE command added. Use in translated
mc manual to specify original .SH

* Use [nodename] as user visible section name only if next line is
empty.  Elsewhere use this nonempty line.

* ( Add rule to compile

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