Re: regex fix for cygwin

Hi, Alexander!

Thank you for fixing the problem on Cygwin.  It is very important to fix 
this problem.

My understanding is that MC uses some internal GNU regex functions.  
That's why it uses regex stripped of most other stuff that is supposed to 
be provided by libc.  But there is no guarantee that both regex 
implementations don't conflict.

I see two approaches how to fix the problem:

1) Rename all non-standard regex functions and global variables to avoid
conflicts with regex from libc.

2) Always use complete GNU regex, either from libc if it's there or from 
the files included into the distribution.

I prefer the later.  I believe that your patch goes in that direction.

> I found another bug related to regex - there is inconsistent usage of
> regex.h and eregex.h in c files, and since they are very different in
> cygwin, we have all sort of weird problems.
> I just grepped all c files and replaced #include "regex.h" by  #include
> "eregex.h", this fixed my problems.

Is it sufficient, or your patch from the previous message is still 

Pavel Roskin

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