Re: Include glib into mc distribution?


> If I want to install mc on any of those machines using binaries which I
> downloaded from the inetrnet I have to ask  a sysadmin to install THREE
> packages - mc, glib and libintl.

Well, in this case you are talking about binaries.  The problem is, I have
no influence on the package builders.  I can also imagine that they have
more that one project using glib and libintl.

I think that good sysadmins will rather install 3 packages in the native
format and made by teams who are experienced in making packages for that
OS rather than a binary tarball from any single person, even the
maintainer of the package.

> You can imagine what they say if I would ask them to do so!

I really don't see any difference between installing one package and 
instaling 3 packages.

> But I am sure I could convince them to install just ONE package - mc, which
> includes all packages.

I'm not sure.

> So my only option is to build all myself , which is again a hassle - I have
> to build all three packages in my home directory instead of just one.
> I am sure there are many people around in similar situation and many just
> give up on using mc.

You don't have to build gettext unless you really want translated 

Regarding glib, I consider making a separate source distribution for those 
who don't want to install glib.

Another option would be to use compiled but not installed glib to compile
mc.  I'll think about it.

Pavel Roskin

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