Re: Include glib into mc distribution?


Let me exlain my point.
I am working on quite a few Unix machines: AIX, HP, Solaris.
Some of them are here in NJ, some in TX.
I never met the sysadmin in TX, the sysadmin here in NJ is also the head of
local IS departmemt which means he is a very busy person.
I don't have root access to any of those machines.
If I want to install mc on any of those machines using binaries which I
downloaded from the inetrnet I have to ask  a sysadmin to install THREE
packages - mc, glib and libintl.
You can imagine what they say if I would ask them to do so!
But I am sure I could convince them to install just ONE package - mc, which
includes all packages.
So my only option is to build all myself , which is again a hassle - I have
to build all three packages in my home directory instead of just one.
I am sure there are many people around in similar situation and many just
give up on using mc.


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> Hello, Alexander!
> > I think it would be great if glib will be included as part of mc, and
> > be statically linked with glib.
> > That will greatly simplify building and deployment of mc.
> > What do you think about that?
> Sorry, I don't understand from the above if you are talking about sources
> or the binaries.
> What kind of problems do you have because glib is not included?
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> Regards,
> Pavel Roskin
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