Re: New version on mc-multiscreen-patch

Andrew V. Samoilov wrote:
> Don't hardcode debug filename in log_mc_handler.
> It can be new mc option.

> Use vfs_file_is_local() to determine file location
> in edit/editwidget.c:edit().  It will be best if somebody
> rewrite edit engine to use dir properly. It might be
> set to mc_return_cwd() if directory is NULL and filename
> is not absolute.  It is not good idea to always concat
> dir and file - resulted filename may confuse users.

> PATH_SEP and PATH_SEP_STR have to be used instead of '/'
> and "/".

Well, it seems to be fixed too :

    * Add --with-logfile=path_to_logfile option

    * main.c (log_mc_handler):
    Use MC_DEBUG_LOG_FILE insted of hardcoded debug filename

    * edit/editwidget.c (edit):
    Use vfs_file_is_local() instead heuristics,
    Use PATH_SEP and PATH_SEP_STR insted of '/' and "/" respectively


Regards, Walery

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