Making/using libvfs standalone.


What parts of the ./vfs directory are required to use the as a standalone library?

I am investigating how libvfs can be used as a part of 
another project. 

Is the is the library it self and the header file vfs.h 

At the end of this message you will find a patch, which 
changes ./vfs/ to allow compilation of util-alone.c
It requires  LIBDIR, which was not defined.
  Is setting it to "\"${mclibdir}\"" OK?  

Thank you,

Volker Apelt
Volker Apelt   volker_apelt (remove the dots, please)   
Dipl. Chem.    +49 6172 31126   
diff -u -r -bB mc-4.5.55/vfs/ mc-my/vfs/
--- mc-4.5.55/vfs/	Mon Feb  4 16:19:08 2002
+++ mc-my/vfs/	Wed Aug  1 18:15:22 2001
@@ -202,10 +202,10 @@
 %.sor:	../src/%.c
+	$(CC) -c -fpic $(CPPFLAGS) $(DEFS) $(CFLAGS) -DLIBDIR="\"${mclibdir}\"" -DVFS_STANDALONE $< -o $@
-	$(CC) -c -fpic $(CPPFLAGS) $(DEFS) $(CFLAGS) -DVFS_STANDALONE $< -o $@	%.c
+	$(CC) -c -fpic $(CPPFLAGS) $(DEFS) $(CFLAGS) -DLIBDIR="\"${mclibdir}\"" -DVFS_STANDALONE $< -o $@
 	gcc $(VFSSOOBJS) -shared -o

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