I've modified the vfsutil.c source a bit so I can connect to a ftp
  server where the username contains the @ symbol. It's really simple...
  I just changed the strchr into a strrchr. That's all. I hope this
  mini-patch is helpful to others out there.


P.S. I'm not subscribed on this list. If you want to reach me please use
my e-mail address.
--- mc-4.5.55.orig/vfs/utilvfs.c	Fri Aug  3 12:12:18 2001
+++ mc-4.5.55/vfs/utilvfs.c	Fri Feb  1 08:57:06 2002
@@ -89,7 +89,7 @@
     /* search for any possible user */
-    at    = strchr (pcopy, '@');
+    at    = strrchr (pcopy, '@');
     /* We have a username */
     if (at){

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