ncurses + xterm + high load = broken arrows


I could finally figure out what is going on when mc compiled with ncurses
stops recognizing cursor arrows under high load on xterm.

The comment in the new code in init_curses() says all:

     * If ncurses exports the ESCDELAY variable, it should be set to
     * a low value, or you'll experience a delay in processing escape
     * sequences that are recognized by mc (e.g. Esc-Esc).  On the other
     * hand, making ESCDELAY too small can result in some sequences
     * (e.g. cursor arrows) being reported as separate keys under heavy
     * processor load, and this can be a problem if mc hasn't learned
     * them in the "Learn Keys" dialog.  The value is in milliseconds.
    ESCDELAY = 200;
#endif /* HAVE_ESCDELAY */

I can only add that the fact that the key recognition is not restored
after the CPU load decreases is a bug in ncurses 5.2.

The patch has been applied.  We are 2 issues and one week away from

Pavel Roskin

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