Re: New patchfs script


> I applied little patch for your patchfs to quote metacharacters in
> filename before giving it to shell.  Also I want to eliminate temporary
> file in copyout() and teach patchfs to understand context diffs (diff
> -c). Another good change should be to use +++ filename for newly created
> files (--- /dev/null).

I suggest that we select the shorter filename unless it's /dev/null.
Usually the longer filename has ".orig" or ".new" is it.

Also it would be nice to add ".diff" to all filenames.  It would force
correct syntax highlighting in the editor and it's more convenient if the
files are copied from patchfs.  If I have file.c on one panel and file.c
on the other, and the second file.c is a patch, I'll have to rename it
before copying.  Users can overwrite a source by a patch by mistake.

Andrew, please feel free to apply the patches to patchfs.  I cannot take
care of everything.

> And it is reasonable to search and substitute perl in patchfs, a and
> uzip scripts, but this is another story.

I agree.  Some sysadmins on UNIX install everything under /opt.  I
remember a system where /usr/bin/perl was Perl 4 (very old), while Perl 5
was /opt/perl5/bin/perl or something like that.

I'll fix it.

Pavel Roskin

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