Re: bugzilla?


> I think that some bug tracking system for mc would be very helpful.

I agree.

> Maybe somebody could ask people to create
> one? (there is only 'gmc' there)

I don't think it's would be a good place. is about one project
- GNOME.  GNU Midnight Commander is not a part of GNOME as of now.  They
already host our mailing lists and the CVS.  I don't want to ask for more,
knowing that GNOME is a non-commercial entity and that they are not
exactly in the business of promoting free software in general.

I think GNU or Red Hat would be a better place.  I believe we have a
choice between following systems:

1) gnatsweb (  It's older
than Bugzilla, but it's used on such large projects as gcc.

2) BugCommunicator (, which is in the early
stages of development, but is already used for GNU GRUB.  I believe it's
going to be a replacement for gnatsweb, but I'm not sure about that.

3) Bug tracker on  Example of a project with Bug tracker

The later will require to register mc as a project on
I don't know if I'll have to move CVS there.  I'd like to avoid it, at
least at this point.  I'm copying this e-mail to Mathieu Roy, who
hopefully knows better and can give us an informed advice.

Pavel Roskin

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