extfs cleanup

When using mc I've noticed, that extfs' often clutter the screen a
lot and are generaly not too reliable.

I decided to look into their shell code, and mostly they are quite
messy - they don't detect if binaries they use exist in the system,
they don't provide error handling etc.

I decided to fix some of them. I'm including new urar and uzoo as an
attachments. Try it, and tell mi if my work is helpful. If it's worth
the effort, I can fix the rest of them.

Some questions to extfs experts:

1. Why when I copyin file into the archive copyout is issued as well??

My debug file:

/usr/share/mc/extfs/urar copyout /home/alpha/tmp/arch/01jwr10.rar tmp
/usr/share/mc/extfs/urar copyin /home/alpha/tmp/arch/01jwr10.rar tmp

2. Why 'list' target doesn't support error handling like the rest of
targets? (I checked, it works as a one-way pipe, but it should be some
error handling to inform user that, for example, he should install
unrar to see this file)

Looking forward to your reply.


  _.|._ |_  _.    : Adam Byrtek, alpha@(irc.pl|debian.org)
 (_|||_)| |(_|    : gg 1802819, pgp 0xB25952C0
     |            : jid alpha.jabberpl.org

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