Re: Help fixes & Misc.

Pavel Roskin wrote:
Hello, David!

a) This one has nothing to do with the help browser, but with the
viewer. Go to mc.1 and try F3-F8-F8. No fix included, it was out of my

This goes to my TODO list. Not sure if I can do it before 4.6.0 release. Any help will be appreciated.

Looks like another security issue. Malicious user can put script with the same name. May be file permissions and ownership must be checked before execute.

BTW, I've seen something in the doc/ru help about getting the original
English man page. Could I have an English version of that piece to
translate it. My ru???? is quite poor...

May be we need ability to show original mc.hlp.
BTW there are a lot of .IR, .BR and etc in Polish
As far as know SCO's man/mandoc does not support then, as far as man2hlp (easy to implement, and we need better .IP handling).

And I would like to see some machinery to choose what translated manuals and help files to install.

Andrew v. Samoilov.

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