Re: Win32/MinGW port


On Mon, 12 Aug 2002, Piotr Lakomy wrote:

> I tied to compile latest (mc-2002-08-10-05.tar.gz) using
> recent out-of-box distribution of MinGW on Windows NT 4.0 
> (no cygwin) but I'm stuck. 

Are you compiling using configure script or using the stuff from the "pc" 
directory?  The later stopped working when glib became required for the 
build, and it's quite hard to fix.

If you are doing the standard build using configure, then it's something 
that nobody did before you, as far as I know.

> I managed to fix few problems:
>  * include/sys/types.h:100: conflicting types for `mode_t'
>    config.h:115: previous declaration of `mode_t'
>    (removed from config.h)

I understand you are talking about pc/config.h.  Indeed, it has mode_t at 
line 115.

>  * ../src/eregex.h:23: regex.h: No such file or directory
>    (copied from some old distribution mc-4.1.36-mingw)

Maybe it's better to define USE_INCLUDED_REGEX.

> 	../src/file.c:120: parse error before `umode_t'

Can it be that umode_t is undefined?  Then define it in pc/config.h.

Pavel Roskin

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