Re: Bugs in the ftp part of mc.

Hi Jonas,

On Sat, Apr 06, 2002 at 06:05:15PM +0100, SoD wrote:
> Now for the bug report:
> Im currently using v4.5.55 of midnight commander and has found 2 bugs
> in the ftp part.  
> 1: Symlinks that points to a directory with an ending slash (/) cant
> be resolved. For example: 
>     if the symlink is created with
>     ln -s my_directory /ftpd/no_trailing
>     all works fine but if the symlink is created with 
>     ln -s my_directory/ /ftpd/trailing
>     the symlink wont resolve.
>     When not in ftp mode, midnight commander can handle both versions
> of symlinks.

 How do you mean the two commands are different?

> 2: ctrl-r (as in rescan) doesnt rescan the directory in ftp mode. Not
> even logging out/in from the site helps.  Only restarting midnight
> commander seems to help. If one does something at the site (like
> uploading and removing a file/directory) midnight commander
> automatically rescans the directory.  So it seems to me that the
> problem is the ctrl-r command (doesnt help if one uses the drop-down
> list and chooses rescan from there either).

 Look at Options->Virtual FS... and mc.hlp

 << The FTP File System keeps the directory listing it fetches from a
    ftp server in a cache. The cache expire time is configurable with
    the ftpfs directory cache timeout option. A low value for this
    option may slow down every operation on the ftp file System because
    every operation is accompanied by a query of the ftp server. >>

 but mc.hlp also states that: 

  << ... This has the funny behavior that even if you make changes to a
    directory, they will not be reflected in the directory listing until
    you force a cache reload with the C-r key. >>
 wich doesn't seem to be the case.

//Björnen. bjorn bjornen nu |

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