Re: Re: Moving from ~/.cedit to ~/.mc

At first I am glad to see letter from you.
Boston area is not so far from New York.

>Actually, I don't think that "Syntax" should be
copied.  Most people don't
>want to customize those files, and those who do will be
able to make the
>copy by hand.

Well, I did not explain all details of this idea.
It may be copied on user request from F9 -> Command.

>Actually, INSTALL is supposed to provide this
information.  I'll have a
>look if anything could be added.  Note that most users
should not need any
>of those tools, they just need to know how to compile
and install MC.
>Whenever you add more informations, some users will
think that they _need_
>e.g. Autoconf and will start sending dumb question to
the list.  I know
>that from Autoconf mailing lists - extra information




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