Re: User menu entries in editor not working

Hello, David!

> #ifdef _EDIT_C
> char *edit_init_error_msg = NULL;
> #else                           /* ! _EDIT_C */ 
> extern char *edit_init_error_msg;
> #endif                          /* ! _EDIT_C */ 

Fixed.  It turned out that there was a genuine bug behind this mess.  
Some errors were not reported.  E.g. run mcedit, select File->Open file,
select /etc/shadow or /dev/null or even /foo/bar - you won't see an error.  
The reason is because all errors in edit.c were "scheduled" to be
displayed at some point which wasn't guaranteed to be reached :-)

> I'll make another round of cleanups in the editor today.  Hopefully it 
> will fix the menu.

Yes, adding changelogs works now.  Missing error file in not considered an 
error anymore.

The new snapshot is uploaded.  I appreciate your testing and hope that you 
will find more bugs :-)

Pavel Roskin

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