Re: patch: MC for Win32

Hello, Franco!

> so here's my patch for mc on Win32.

Thank you very much!  I appreciate that you documented your changes so
carefully.  I'm quite overwhelmed with work now and the worst thing is
that I still have no internet at home (Verizon doesn't consider it as
critical as phone connection), so it will take some time before I apply
your changes.

Just some quick notes about one of your comments.

> - You also need gettext ( i.e. my gettext port
> )

What if we disable NLS support for now until gettext is ported properly to
Win32?  Extra dependencied mean extra hurdles for potential developers.

> I added the two files
> mc/pc/regex.c
> mc/pc/regex.h
> from the mc-4.1.36 distribution.
> This is just a quick fix.
> As the new distribution no longer contains
> mc/src/regex.h
> and
> mc/src/regex.c
> was giving trouble.

That's not true.  src/regex.c is still there.  src/regex.h has been
renamed to src/eregex.h (it looks like that, there are no ChangeLog

I believe that you should have regex in the system library as well.  The 
files included with MC are only used for some GNU-specific things.

> the mingw32 toolchain I use is
> based on gcc-2.95.2-1 , winapi-0.1.5 , mingw-runtime-20000203
> I built it from source on my Linux box.
> it uses "msvcrt" as c-runtime library.

That's very encouraging.  No need to use Windows to compile MC for Windows 

Pavel Roskin

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