Re: "Save file position" in mc editor

Andrew V. Samoilov wrote:

> > The minimum that I need -
> >   1) normal ftp plugin
> I use this one from mc-4.5.42. It is not fine, but is more useful than
> current. BTW, it is no need to wait next release - VFS is not changed.
May be. I just write that I want to see.

> >   2) working user menu in editor
> Pavel Roskin did something in this direction, please look this list
> archive.
I know, but it did not work :)

> >   3) charset recoding in editor
> Done in mc-4.5.55.  Or you want be able to save file in another charset?
Yes, it's easier then type `recode -wk file1>file2; mv file2 file1`

> >   4) make files highlighting configurable
> Can you explain what do you mean?
My patch allow highlight files by extension. Archives to one color, sources 
to other etc. But extensions are compiled in binary, and not configurable in 
run-time. I want to make two things:
  - make highlighting by regexps (not by extensions), and optionally by first 
chars of context.
  - make it configurable through config file.
This feature just make navigation easier.

> >   8) autoupdate directory listing (optional)
> As far as I remember there was a patch to reload directory in configurable
> interval.
I made this, but it's too buggy, and I have no time to fix bugs. May be in 

> > The maximum that I want - plugin API, like FAR.
> It is not so easy, but this one is possible.
It can solve many problems. Module structure more flexible in developing.

PS. I forget about macroses... :)

C U L8er
sir Max			mailto: max tavrida net

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