Re: "Save file position" in mc editor

> Hi, Max!

> > Can you describe these new features? May be they will be in this version.
> The minimum that I need -
>   1) normal ftp plugin

I use this one from mc-4.5.42. It is not fine, but is more useful than
BTW, it is no need to wait next release - VFS is not changed.

>   2) working user menu in editor

Pavel Roskin did something in this direction, please look this list archive.

>   3) charset recoding in editor

Done in mc-4.5.55.  Or you want be able to save file in another charset?

>   4) make files highlighting configurable

Can you explain what do you mean?

>   5) fast directory switching (like ^\, but at one click)
>   6) extended miniinfo
>      (like FAR:  +-- cur_dir_size (cur_dir_file_no) ----- disk_free ---+ )
>   7) follow text in viewer (like tail)

I vote too.

>   8) autoupdate directory listing (optional)

As far as I remember there was a patch to reload directory in configurable

> The maximum that I want - plugin API, like FAR.

It is not so easy, but this one is possible.


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