RE: TODO list for the next version

> > Will you apply my patch for mc.ext?
> I'm sorry, but I cannot apply your patch. The current behavior is
> (unfortunately) that there is no fallback if the viewer command has
> failed. It somebody wants just to peek into an Excel file, but xls2csv is
> not found, then an error message will appear. Shift-F3 will have to be
> used.
> It would be nice to be able to define more than one viewer and have MC try
> each of them until it works. But we are not there yet.
> It's fine to add enties for very common programs, but I have never seen
> catdoc and xls2csv (neigther have I ever seen word2x).

catdoc is rather popular, and if you neither saw word2x, there is no
difference. Besides, there is catdoc in mc.ext already, you just
have to move "#". You can skip the part about excel, but I'd still
like catdoc to be default.


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