RE: TODO list for the next version

Hello, Nerijus!

> > I'm just trying to list issues that, in my opinion, must be addressed
> > before the next version is released.
> Will you apply my patch for mc.ext?

I'm sorry, but I cannot apply your patch. The current behavior is
(unfortunately) that there is no fallback if the viewer command has
failed. It somebody wants just to peek into an Excel file, but xls2csv is
not found, then an error message will appear. Shift-F3 will have to be

It would be nice to be able to define more than one viewer and have MC try
each of them until it works. But we are not there yet.

It's fine to add enties for very common programs, but I have never seen
catdoc and xls2csv (neigther have I ever seen word2x).

I believe that your changes are suitable for your local configuration or
for a patch for a distribution that installs xls2csv and catdoc, but not
for the official source.

Pavel Roskin

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