Re: Request to change smbfs behavior

Hi, Andrew!

> o I need to see dot files. There is a comment in loaddir_helper about ~$
>   files. Such files really screws mc, and it is must be fixed.

I agree. They screw mc up even on the local system. It's not an excuse for
limiting smbfs to non-hiddent files.

> o Now mc stores incorrectly typed password and don't ask for it then
>   this share/username is accessed again, so there is no way to retype it.
>   It is not nice to restart mc after such errors.

I think it's fine.
It's nice to see somebody actually using SMBFS :-)

> +	* smbfs.c: Include background.h

1) Yes for now, but ideally all that GUI stuff should be removed from VFS.
2) Don't forget the dot at the end of sentences.

> +	(is_error): commented

1) Commented _out_.
2) Use capital letters when you start sentences.

> +	(loaddir_helper): don't ignore hidden files
> +	(do_connect): cli_shutdown () and authinfo_remove () called if
> +	  cli_session_setup () fails. It is not good idea to remember
> +	  wrong username/password.

1) Same as above.
2) Use exectly one tab for indentation.

Sorry for being a little pedantic. Akim Demaille used to teach me this on
the Autoconf list, now it's my turn :-)

Pavel Roskin

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