Re: [RFC ;-)]: some more flexible way to load localized files (hints, help, etc)

Hi, Pavel!

: > returned "russian_cis.cl8koi8r".
: I don't understand. What is "_cis"? Where does it come from?

It is from Oracle.

: >     1) It try to load             "/usr/lib/mc/mc.hlp.russian_cis.cl8koi8r"
: >     2) If 1) fails it try to load "/usr/lib/mc/"
: Are you truncating the first name? Or you are taking "ru" from the locale?

I am taking it from locale.

: Please try to explain the idea instead of the implementation. What
: functionality are you trying to achieve?

Now we have a localized help files for Hungarian ( and 
Russian language ( by Victor Kostromin). 
And number of this files will grow.

The idea is to use a current localization to load corresponded localized help 
file if this one exists or original English help file if localized file 
is absent.

Now it is implemented for hint file.  

Some time ago Szabolcs Ban <shooby gnome hu> commited a patch to choose 
a localized help file name with gettext, but I don't like this implementation.
Existed localized help cannot be used if translator don't provide right
entry in .po file.  And even worse if this entry has been in it but where is
no such help file in mc_home/lib.


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